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Spencer Hawkesbury River History hosts a diverse range of events from heritage excursions, tours and walks to cultural workshops and craft markets. To develop our innovative historical ventures we work in collaboration with other community groups and agencies across the region.


Join us on our hidden histories tours to explore the lesser known places and stories with expert guides and local knowledge holders. 

upcoming events - hidden histories tours


Tidal Mills and Colonial Food
7 May 2023


Our expert heritage guide, reveals the stories of the 1820s Singleton's tidal mill at Mill Creek, Gunderman. Hear about cabbage tree huts, wheat and maize production and the early barter systems of the river from the diaries of Mrs Felton Mathews. Visit the route hacked out by the No 3 iron gang in 1827-1832 - one of Gov. Darling's 'Great Roads', Finch's Line is now part of a joint World Heritage listing.


Spencer Yarns-A Walking Tour

Visit Spencer 'the hub of the universe'. Starting at the famous outdoor pub the Dunkirk Hotel enjoy a guided tour of 'Fernleigh' and hear about the 1840s stone house on the hill built by 'Black Charlie' and the history of the floating stores and butcher boats when the river was the highway. Visit the site of early shipbuilding and the last active fishing boatshed on the river.


The Secrets of Dubbo Gully
8 July 2023

Explore the historical remains of  Dubbo Gully when Mangrove Creek was a thriving river community with wharves, inns and slab homes. Gain insight into the past at St Thomas Cemetery and visit Fairview to hear about the experience of growing up in the area and the campaign to save this last remaining homestead. We will visit the original road from Sydney to the coast and hear about the haunted ‘inn of the Damned'. 

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Tel: +61 404 418 288

4685, Wisemans Ferry Road, Spencer, NSW 2775

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