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Spencer Hawkesbury River History exists to support community appreciation and engagement with the places, collections and landscapes of Spencer village and surrounding areas. We aim to raise awareness of the historical, architectural, social, cultural and/or scientific significance of the community functions and benefits of these places and collections. 

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. To promote public knowledge of, and appreciation for, the histories, people and places of Spencer, Mangrove Creek and Gunderman and associated communities.
• To encourage and sustain active cultural participation in historical and movable cultural heritage by curating public events throughout the year.
• To arrange relevant guest speakers, tours, displays and exhibitions relating to the history of Spencer and the surrounding lands and waterways.
• To maintain an historical museum, to provide programs and services for the local community and the general public.
• To acquire, preserve and protect historical records, photographic archives, museum objects, and manuscripts having a bearing on Spencer and Australian history.
• To provide digital engagement and online forms of presentation and exhibition.


Tel: +61 404 418 288

4685, Wisemans Ferry Road, Spencer, NSW 2775

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